Assistentes de Produção Precisam-se!

Se gostavas de ser ASSISTENTE DE EXPOSIÇÃO esta é a tua oportunidade para explorares e alargares os teus conhecimentos!


  • Tens gosto pela arte e por todas as disciplinas de expressão artística;
  • Estás disponível para a montagem e desmontagem da exposição;
  • Tens experiência em produção;
  • Tens disponibilidade para acompanhar o evento diariamente no local;
  • És simpático/a e tens iniciativa e organização pessoal
  • E ainda alto sentido de responsabilidade

Esta função é a tua cara!!!

A Carla Isidoro, programadora artística do Pop Up, está à tua procura! Envia-lhe o teu CV para:

Pop Up's Stickers

From now on Pop Up's Urban Culture will be "flying" arround all the city...and world!
Download and print our stikers on Scribd ( and let's gonna shake Pop Up's movement!!!

Pop Up's Ambassadors in Paris

Would you want to fly to Paris and meet our ambassadors?
MARIANA CARVALHAIS and DANIEL PICADO live and work in Paris.Marina lived in France since childhood and graduated at the Architecture Faculty of Versailles, where she chose to develop and deepen current urban issues: wrote a thesis entitled "Ode aos espacios ordinarios: ...The graffiti in Paris as a social practice space" and directedtheir showdown over the role, potential and future of a powerful industrial zone in the middle of the growing metropolis of Paris. She also studied for oneyear in the Faculty of Architecture of Oporto. Right now, she attends a dual master's degree in construction and sustainable development. Daniel is a freelance photographer, graduated and worked in New York until 2007. Already living in Paris has developed its work in several areas as fashion, exhibitions, music and publicity. Their various fields and areas of interest also led him to photograph in Rio de Janeiro and Lisbon, where his work can be seen in magazines such as ELLE, EDIT and PARQ.

Queres ser um dos criadores do cartaz do Pop Up Lisboa 2010?

Plástico + plástico = Arte Urbana

No decorrer da exposição do Pop Up vamos receber um artista que normalmente usa o plástico como matéria prima...
É nesse sentido que gostaríamos de lançar um apelo a todos os Nómadas Urbanos para contribuírem com frascos de shampoo, de detergente, tampas de garrafas, brinquedos de plástico velhos, pratos, copos ...enfim plástico e mais plástico!
Em breve daremos notícias quanto ao local onde irá ser feita a recolha do material plástico!
Fiquem atentos e ...Viva a reciclagem!

Pop Up also has an Ambassador in Berlin!

Daniela Marzavan studied Political Science, Psychology and Gender Studies en Freiburg, Basel and Lisbon. Her experience in theater and performing in the cities of Bucharest, Lisbon and Fribourg, the intensive work in the European Centre for Minority Languages and their representation in the Council of Europe in Strasbourg is the basis for the role she currently play in betahaus. Joined the Betahaus team shortly before the opening of the first space in Berlin, which allowed her to monitor the development of the concept Cowork and concentrate on areas of "social space", organizing events, exhibitions, conferences, fairs and other activities crucial to stimulate the creative community through betahaus. In May 2010 was responsible for betalab Lisbon, a project which, as its name implies, was a testing lab for the permanent installation of the concept of coworking betalab in the Portuguese capital, developed under the Chiado After Work event. She is preparing to inaugurate the betahaus Lisbon and continues to disseminate the concept of creative Cowork in several cities in Europe.

Pop Up's Ambassador in Barcelona

Today we are going to introduce you our amabassador in Barcelona!
DUARTE SANTO is from Madeira, graduated in Architecture and attended the Masters in Planning and Design of Urban Environment, both in the Faculty of Architecture of Oporto University. Completed the courses of "Projects Management" and "Energy Efficient Buildings", in the Chamber of Commerce Luso-German, and the course "Public Art: Concept and Development", at Westminster University in London. He collaborated with SEH - Shepheard Epstein Hunter in London and with OMA - Rem Koolhaas in Rotterdam, the project "House of Music” in Oporto. In 2002 he founded his own atelier in Oporto and until 2005 was collaborator of Department of Planning and Urbanism of GAIURB. He participated in several exhibitions and projects, with emphasis on: 2010 - "European Biennial of Landscape" 2007 - "Affordable Architecture," Association of Architects, 2005 - "Drawings of Architecture", Teatro Municipal Baltazar Dias in Funchal, "Yearbook architecture" of FAUP. He currently lives and works in Lisbon, Funchal and Barcelona, the city where he attended the Masters in Landscape Architecture at the Universidad Politécnica de Catalunya, and develops research in Tourism & Landscape. Develop a continuing education and advocates Architecture as a multidisciplinary exercise, interactive with other forms of artistic expression.

Pop Up's Embassador in London

PAULA ROUSH (Lisbon, Portugal) is an artist, researcher and teachercurrently based in London, UK. She is the funder of msdm (mobile strategies of display and mediation), a platform for research and collaboration on art,technologies and politics. Relying on intertex...tual approaches, she uses video, photography and performative installation, linked to critical-theory discourses to explore social and gendered aspects of (historical) representation.Examples of her projects are: Browser Landscapes, Participatory Architectures (Archive, Memory, Revolution), Soundtrack for a citv, Bowville, Arphield Recordings, the b*LOAN project, Protest Academy (What are we doing? What is happening to us? What needs to be done? I prefer not to); SOS:OK (Save Our Souls: Zero Killings);
She exhibited at: the Bauhaus Foundation, Dessau; the Living Art Museum, Reykjavik; GAK - Gesellschaft fur Aktuelle Kunst, Bremen; the Biennial of Prague; Centre of Modern Art - Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian, Lisbon; P74 Gallery, Ljubljana;Transmediale and Sparwasser, Berlin; EV+A, Limerick; K3, Zurich and Kunsthalle Exerngrass, Vienna. She co-curated Local Worlds: Spaces,Visibilities and Transcultural Flows, Centro Cultural de Lagos (2008),Welcome Goodbye Adeus Obrigada: Journeys, Dislocations and Imaginary Nations, Blue Elephant Theatre, London (2006), Postscript: Portuguese LiveArt in the Age of Scripted Reality, Space, London (2004) and Outsourcing:Creative Collision Between Artist and Curator, in IVA, London (2002). She is senior lecturer of digital photography at the London South Bank University,where she teaches courses on archives and counter-archival strategies, post-subcultures, artists' placements, artists publications and self-publishing practices, performativity and surveillance space. She also teaches the theory module for the MA in Art and Media practice at the University of Westminster.