Pop Up also has an Ambassador in Berlin!

Daniela Marzavan studied Political Science, Psychology and Gender Studies en Freiburg, Basel and Lisbon. Her experience in theater and performing in the cities of Bucharest, Lisbon and Fribourg, the intensive work in the European Centre for Minority Languages and their representation in the Council of Europe in Strasbourg is the basis for the role she currently play in betahaus. Joined the Betahaus team shortly before the opening of the first space in Berlin, which allowed her to monitor the development of the concept Cowork and concentrate on areas of "social space", organizing events, exhibitions, conferences, fairs and other activities crucial to stimulate the creative community through betahaus. In May 2010 was responsible for betalab Lisbon, a project which, as its name implies, was a testing lab for the permanent installation of the concept of coworking betalab in the Portuguese capital, developed under the Chiado After Work event. She is preparing to inaugurate the betahaus Lisbon and continues to disseminate the concept of creative Cowork in several cities in Europe.

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